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Professors in the Anthropology Program work on a diverse set of research projects. The expertise and theoretical interests of our team cover different thematic areas such as the environment, the state and multiculturalism, material culture, kinship, maternity, nurturing, religion, biological evolution, elites, development, migration and transnationalism, civil insecurity, violence and citizenship, among others.

In addition, UC anthropologists conduct their research in a wide variety of regional contexts within and beyond Chile, facilitating the development of comparative insights on the phenomena they study.

Some of these contexts include Chiloé, la Araucanía, Tarapacá, Santiago de Chile, Cerdeña, Madrid, Groenlandia, Escocia, Kenia, El Alto en Bolivia, México, La Habana y Brasil.

The Program´s faculty members also participate in the Center for Intercultural and Indigenous Studies (CIIR), which is sponsored by the Institute of Sociology at the Catholic University of Chile in partnership with the University Diego Portales and the Academia Humanismo Cristiano University and funded by the Fund of Advanced Research in Priority Areas (FONDAP- CONICYT). CIIR has as its main objective the development of comparative and collaborative research on intercultural relations that can contribute to debates about multiculturalism in Chile.

The Social Anthropology Program has the following research projects underway:

"The need to help the other: an anthropology of the moral economies in the practices of care for 'vulnerable' migrants in Chile"
Project funded by the Office of the Vice-Chancellor of Research of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, through Concurso Inicio 2014.
Researcher: Angel Aedo
“Life on the Edge: An Ethnography of Immigrants Experiences of Care and Control on the Northern Border of Chile”
Project founded by the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton
Researcher: Angel Aedo
“Solid Fluids in the Anthropocene: A Transdisciplinary Inquiry into the Archaeological Anthropology of Materials”
Project founded by the International Partnership and Mobility Scheme, British Academy. In collaboration with Tim Ingold, Aberdeen University
 Researcher: Cristian Simonetti

“Concrete Futures. An Inquiry into Modern Life in the Anthropocene with Materials”
Project founded by Fondecyt 11150278
Researcher: Cristian Simonetti
“Technologies of enchantment: the generation of evidence in contemporary spiritual-scientific imaginaries in Chile”
Project funded by FONDECYT-Regular, 1160046, 2016-2019.
Researcher: Diana Espirito Santo

"Where are you from? Chilean children in Sardinia: a study of international adoption"
Project funded by the Autonomous Region of Sardinia, Italy
Second stage of the project financed by FONDAP 15110006, CIIR.
Researcher: Giovanna Bacchiddu

 "Facets of the indigenous modernity in insular Chiloé"
Project funded by FONDAP 15110006, CIIR.
Researcher: Giovanna Bacchiddu

"The Becoming of Political Youth: Generation, Citizenship and the Transformation of Civil Society in Bolivia"
Project funded by the Danish Council for Independent Research, Humanities - FKK) and conducted in collaboration with the Institute of Anthropology, Copenhagen University.
Researcher: Helene Risor

"Maternity and early nurturing in a rural Mapuche context"
Project funded by FONDAP 15110006, CIIR.
Researcher: Marjorie Murray

“The politics of forest conservation in the Araucania region: landscape, collaboration and conflict in neoliberal natural resource governance”
Project funded by FONDAP 15110006, CIIR
Researcher: Piergiorgio Di Giminiani

"The impertinent writing, textile texts in the Araucanía"
Project funded by FONDAP 15110006, ICIIS.
Researcher: Pedro Mege

“Memory, rituality and iconography of Santiago Apostle in Chile”
Project funded by FONDECYT 1141032
Researcher: Pedro Mege

“Trayectoria socio-política y complejización en la Araucanía septentrional: El Complejo El Vergel en la región de Angol (1.000-1550 d.C.)”
Project funded by FONDECYT 11150397
Researcher: Roberto Campbell


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