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Anthropology is a holistic discipline that studies human beings in their historical, social, cultural, and biological diversity. Sociocultural anthropology studies societies and cultural practices around the world, including communities in remote places and diverse social groups in large urban centers. Taking ethnographic fieldwork as its methodological basis, anthropological research is anchored in empirical reality, producing practical perspectives and solutions to immediate problems as well as theoretical developments in the discipline.

The Anthropology Program at UC seeks to contribute to national and international scholarly communities, drawing on ethnographic, regional, and comparative perspectives in research initiatives and in the training of future anthropologists. To achieve these objectives, the Program has developed various teaching, research, and outreach activities since 2010.

The Program offers two training opportunities:

- Academic Certificate in Social Anthropology (Minor in Social Anthropology): Has been offered to the UC student community since 2010 and aims to introduce the basic theoretical and methodological foundations of anthropology, along with different thematic and regional specialties.

- Degree and Professional Degree in Anthropology (Sociocultural): Has been offered to the community since 2013. Its objective is to train anthropologists with a solid theoretical and methodological background in social sciences and anthropology. The main focus is on the study of social and cultural diversity, with particular emphasis on ethnographic fieldwork and the development of a comparative perspective that allows for reflection on anthropological issues from a wide variety of regional contexts in Chile, Latin America, and the wider world.

The Program´s faculty is a young, international team with postgraduate studies in anthropology from prestigious universities around the world. Research production highlights a variety of thematic areas. Following the comparative-regional perspective, professors` research projects take place in diverse contexts in Europe and Latin America, with a particular focus on Chile. Currently, UC anthropologists are conducting research on topics such as the environment, maternity and parenting, citizenship, cultural evolution, migration, religiosity and kinship, among others.

With regard to outreach activities, the Program has organized and participated in various academic meetings and events. Since 2010, two "Contemporary Anthropological Research" seminars have been organized every year. These events facilitate exchange and dialogue with distinguished scholars, most of them based in Chile. The Program has also organized international seminars with prominent guest speakers such as Daniel Miller, Martin Holbraad, and Janet Edwards.


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