Doctorado Antropología
Admission 2024
Start: First semester 2024
Application: from August 16 to October 15, 2023.
Evaluation period: To be defined, personal interview.
Publication of results: November 2023
Registration: January 2024

  1. Application Requirements

    Application Requirements

    1.To hold a Bachelor's or Master's degree in Anthropology, or in related disciplines. In case of having academic degrees of foreign origin, these must be equivalent to those mentioned above and must be legalized before the Chilean Consulate in the country of origin. The consideration of the equivalence of foreign academic degrees will be based on the International Classification of Education (ISCED), created by UNESCO, in force at the date of application. In case the applicant has not completed a previous degree in anthropology, the doctoral committee will evaluate the need to propose a leveling program, especially a methodological one that considers the specific needs of each student, according to the General Regulations of Doctoral Studies of the UC.

    2.To provide proof of academic and professional background that shows the applicant's previous experience, in accordance with the training requirements of the Program (curriculum vitae).

    3.To present a certificate of concentration of grades from undergraduate, graduate, and advanced studies. The applicant must have obtained a minimum weighted average of 5.0 in their Bachelor's degree or its equivalent. If the applicant is a foreigner, the certificates must be legalized by the Chilean Consulate in the country of origin, and must clearly specify the evaluation scales used, the minimum grade accepted and its equivalence with the Chilean scale. In case the country of origin does not have clear documentation about these scales, a formal document explaining the results obtained by the candidate will be requested.

    4 To demonstrate understanding of the English language at a sufficient level to begin doctoral studies. Additionally, students must take a diagnostic exam or validate it, after the enrollment process, in order to evaluate their language level and to enroll in the relevant courses to achieve the competencies required to obtain the doctoral degree.

    5.To submit a written statement of purpose explaining the applicant's interest in the Program, its objectives, a summary of the academic project they intend to carry out in the Doctoral Program, and the commitments of dedication that they subscribe to (maximum 3 pages).

    6.To provide two confidential letters of recommendation from academics and/or researchers of recognized excellence that accredit the intellectual and personal qualities that make them suitable to pursue doctoral studies. These letters must be addressed to the Head of Program and sent directly by the recommending persons to Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo..l.

    7.To present a certificate of the student's ranking among the graduates of their graduating cohort according to the requirements of ANID (National Agency for Research and Development), or the percentile where they were located at the time of graduating from the undergraduate program, in the case of those who graduated from Chilean universities or comparable cases abroad.

    8.To attach a summary of the publications by the applicant (articles, books, thesis or others), accompanied by supporting documents that lend evidence to such publications (pdf documents, links to web pages, among others).

    Required background information

    The list of documents and background information required to apply to the program can be downloaded here.

    Download the documents (word) required for the application:

    UC Admission Form

    Academic curriculum

    Letter of application and summary of the academic project

    Carta de recomendacion UC 2024

  2. Selection Process

    Applicants pre-selected in a first round of background review must attend an interview with the Doctoral Committee or with an Admissions Committee specially designated for this purpose by the Committee. The purpose of the interview is to examine in greater detail and evaluate the applicant's background, motivations, and commitments. . 

    The criteria considered in the evaluation and selection of applicants will be the following:

     Criteria  Percent
     Academic and professional history   40%
     Quality of letters of recommendations and respective positions of recommenderr  15%
     Statement of purpose  30%
     Personal interview  15%
     Total  100%

    The Doctoral Committee reserves the right not to assign all available vacancies if it considers that there are not enough applicants who meet the requirements of the program.

    The application periods, submission of documents, results of the selection process, registration and administrative requirements for each of these acts, will be governed by the rules approved by the Doctoral Committee for each initial season of the program.

    Admission or rejection to the Program will be notified by means of a formal letter addressed to the applicant. The Commission may condition the admission of an applicant to the approval of a preparatory or leveling cycle, which will be carried out by express decision of the Director of the Department at the request of the Head of the Program, and whose composition and extension will be defined specifically for each case in accordance with the needs considered pertinent. The recommendations of this Admissions Committee must be formally approved by the Doctoral Committee. The credits obtained for these courses will not be imputable to the total credit of the Doctoral Program. The accepted candidate must also prove that they have applied to the ANID´s (National Agency for Research and Development) doctoral scholarship competition for the corresponding year; and/or to foreign institutions that grant scholarships for doctoral studies.

  3. Tuition fees and Scolarships

    Tuition 2024 (reference)

    $5.602.000 CLP per year

    Maintenance benefits

    1. Scholarship from the National Agency for Research and Development (ANID): full scholarships for students of excellence, Chilean or foreign, in all areas of knowledge, to begin or continue their doctoral studies in accredited programs, for a maximum period of four years. The Program has submitted the necessary documentation for accreditation to the National Accreditation Commission, a process it expects to complete this year, which will allow students to apply for funding from ANID.

    2. Grants from the Vice Rector's Office for Research (VRI):

    a. Assistant and Instructor Scholarship: lthese scholarships waive 100% of the tuition fee and provide funding for the maintenance of doctoral students who are beginning their studies or who have passed their Candidacy Examination and have begun their thesis work. The schedule for the opening and closing of these grants is coordinated with the ANID Scholarship application period.

    b. Residency: covers 100% tuition for support at the end of the thesis (9-10 semesters)..

    Other VRI competitive funds for internationalization (for regular students):

    a. Dual Gree: this fund is intended to offer doctoral students the opportunity to carry out a long stay for the completion of a dual-degree in a universities or research centers of recognized international excellence.. 

    b. Research Stays: this fund is intended to offer doctoral students the opportunity to carry out a short research stay during the development of their thesis projects in universities or research centers of recognized international excellence..

    c. Participation in Conferences: partial funding for the participation of doctoral students in international conferences organized by institutions of recognized excellence in the area of study.

    d. Visiting Professors: fund destined to enrich the training of doctoral students through the participation of internationally renowned professors in their Candidacy Examination, preparation and/or evaluation of Thesis or Thesis Defense.

    e. Organization of Seminars: fund for the organization of meetings of researchers in disciplinary or interdisciplinary topics through seminars, symposiums, workshops or similar events organized by teams of doctoral students of the University.

    4. Other scholarships:

    Scholarship from the Doctoral Network of the Organization of Catholic Universities of Latin America and the Caribbean (ODUCAL)

  4. Admission 2024

    Applications for the Ph.D. in Anthropology for admission in 2023 will be open between August 16 and October 16, 2022. To apply, you must enter the UC application system at the following link. In addition, you must upload the required documentation here.

    If you have any questions, do not hesitate to write to: Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo.